Heat treatment, by tradition

Iron ore has been processed and smelted in the Siegerland area for over 2,500 years, meaning heat treatment has a long tradition in our region. We trust in the experience gained from thousands of years of tradition. We are always learning more, allowing us to create new things with passion based on proven expertise. Today, our company has over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Heat treatment production processes

Heat treatment today uses new technologies wholly unlike those of 2,000 years ago. Part of our founding history at Demig is making your production processes and documentation easier. Just like the people in our region, we have learned to take advantage of every opportunity and to make things better and easier. 

We look far into the future, and we are always discovering new possibilities that are durable and resilient, and that function reliably over a long period of time. We rely on these technologies, an approach we consider innovative. If you believe sustainability means value stability, then you have come to the right place. 

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demig microcomputer GmbH founded in Cologne

A specialist in automated processes through special developments based on microprocessors (such as tank data collection systems, lift controllers, controllers for wind turbines).


World’s first digital programmer in the market - the DE-P1131.


World's first integrated digital program controller in series production - the DE-PR 0133.


Expansion of shareholder group

by adding shareholders Joachim Herbst and Winfried Held as well as the S-Siegerlandfonds 1 with Venture Capital.


Company moves to Siegen and cooperation with the University of Siegen.


World’s first process control system prosys launched on the market!

It facilitates documentation through connecting the control systems to a central software system. Demig moves from being a simple equipment manufacturer to a system provider in process engineering.


New generation device DE-PR 3001 process controller on the market.


New name “demig Prozessautomatisierung GmbH” reflects the shift in the product portfolio. Sale of the “petrol station automation” area.


New generation device DE-VR400X with integrated PLC.


Demig offers updates and automation solutions for heat treatment systems.

Expansion of the service portfolio as a general contractor. A new controller is introduced: The legendary DE-VR 4008 with 6.5" display. The prosys/2 control system is also available for the operating system OS/2.


prosys/2 for Windows.

The prosys/2 control system is now also offered under Windows.


Product portfolio expanded.

The AuftragsManagementSystem AMS (order management system) is created in cooperation with TTC Informatik GmbH and development support as the first software system for order management in the heat treatment industry. 
End of the venture capital engagement.


Demig Anlagentechnik GmbH founded.

With a focus on project management, PLC programming and system/controller construction.


Demig celebrates its 25-year anniversary!

Controller generation DE-VX 4100 with 10"/15" displays.


First international branch office opened in China.


Compact controller DE-VX 460X added to the range.


Improved SCADA system prosys/2 with better operating interface introduced.


New process controller DE-VX 4200 has full downwards compatibility.


New controller DE-VX 5115 with touch screen.


Demig has set a course for the future.

New managing directors René Boller und Dr.-Ing. Axel Müller take over as of 1/1/2021.


New intuitive user interface for the Demig process controller.

Fully downwardly compatible controllers DE-VX4310 and DE-VX5315 launched on the market.


Brand relaunch.

With the brand relaunch, we are adapting to the changing needs and expectations of our customers, and remaining relevant.


Demig Lioncode GmbH is now part of the Demig brand.

This merger complements our development capacities in order to further advance our innovative software solutions.


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