The Demig prosys/2 process control system

Simple operation with plug and play

prosys/2 is the heart of our process control system. Specially designed in 1987 for the unique requirements of heat treatment, we have consistently adapted and developed our proven software solution to meet changing technical requirements, and to work with new operating systems and modified user interfaces.

In addition, you can access prosys/2 on any device within the IT security architecture of your company.

What problems can prosys/2 solve?

Our process control system offers users support in operating their heat treatment systems. In addition, Demig process controllers can be easily connected and exchanged via auto configuration. Prosys/2 offers all options for data backup and back-ups of relevant process data recording in in-process controlling. System manufacturers benefit by saving time, since prosys/2 is a plug-and-play solution that is quick and easy to integrate.

Are you looking for intuitive software to automate in-process controlling? Then our prosys/2 auxiliary module “prover/2 automation” is the right choice for you.

In-process controlling with prosys/2

Our process control system combines all control systems on the process level, facilitating seamless in-process controlling for you. You can access a complete overview of all ongoing processes, as well as detailed views of all systems. You can start and monitor processes via the operating interface, and control them if necessary.

The software's scope of functions also includes complete process documentation in accordance with CQI-9, redundant measured value recording and a reliable backup/restore scenario.

Customised automation to meet your individual needs.

prosys/2 can communicate with all commonly available ERP systems. Standardised interfaces allow for seamless integration into your company software environment.

Thanks to the open, expandable structure, the process control system grows to meet your needs and requirements, up to full automation of your production line with our prover/2 software.

In addition, our technicians and engineers can develop custom implementation options with you, perfectly tailored to your processes. Since we design and develop our systems in-house, we can react freely and flexibly to new requirements and implement new options at any time.

Easy integration and flexible expansion

One key advantage of prosys/2 is its multi-dimensional scalability. It can be used vertically with one client and control system, as well as horizontally with multiple clients and control systems. If you integrate additional Demig process controllers later on, the respective configuration is transferred automatically, along with visualisation and language files.

Of course, prosys/2 also works with non-Demig control systems. This makes it simple for you to integrate and expand your existing system infrastructure. You enjoy maximum functionality thanks to the combination of Demig controllers and our control system.

Do you want to update your existing control systems? Thanks to excellent compatibility with previous models, prosys/2 can be seamlessly integrated into your existing environment.

We would be happy to inform you about our innovative process control system in more detail during a personal consultation. Just contact us via phone or email.

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Multi-dimensional scalability

prosys/2 Lite: 1 Client – 1 process controller
prosys/2 full version: X Clients – X process controllers
  • Update at any time
  • Expand at any time
  • Automatic configuration of the control system when connecting other Demig systems (Plug-and play)
  • Automatic restoration of the configuration when exchanging the process controller
  • Option to connect different systems from other manufacturers
  • Process-oriented programming thanks to the use of symbolic programming with program blocks
  • Assistance systems for quality assurance/improving quality (prosydiff) 
  • Multi-dimensional scalability
  • Clear representation of the active and completed process(es) 
  • Data interfaces for communication with systems in other departments (such as ERP systems in Accounting) 
  • Seamless recording of all safety-relevant events and all events triggered by the application, system, or user
  • Redundant process data recording
  • Freely configurable visualisations of all connected systems
  • Remote control
  • Long support periods for hardware and software

System requirements

Minimum requirements for prosys/2 Server installation

Version V6.X/7.X

Hardware requirement

  • Processor: min. 2 processor cores
  • Working memory: 4 GB RAM. Recommended 8 GB RAM
  • Hard drive space: 50 GB free available hard drive space
  • Graphics card: Graphics card with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or higher

Virtualisation requirements

  • General requirements as above
  • Good experience with VMware based systems
  • Devices to be connected in series must be connected via Moxa NPort
  • CPU and RAM equipment depend on the number of connected systems.
    More power is required with more than 8 systems or automations

Operating system requirements

  • Operating systems: Windows 10/11 Prof.
  • Server operating systems Windows Server 2019/2022

Software requirements

  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  • Net Framework 4.0 full version
  • C++ run time environment: Automatically installed during prosys2 installation.

Conditions for prosys/2 installation

  •  User with “Local administration rights” for the installation.

Requirements for prosys/2 Work station installation

Version V6.X/7.X

Hardware requirement

  • Working memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Hard drive space: 5 GB free available hard drive space
  • Graphics card: Graphics card with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or higher
  • Network card: Required

Operating system requirement

  • Operating systems: Windows 7/10 Prof.

Software requirements

  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  • Net Framework 4.0 full version
  • C++ run time environment: Automatically installed during prosys2 installation.

Conditions for prosys/2 installation

  • User with “Local administration rights” for the installation.

Auxiliary modules


Module for calculating and simulating carburisation processes and creating and optimising corresponding treatment programs without costly test batches.

The calculation is completed in consideration of key process parameters: Carburisation temperature and duration, atmosphere parameters (C level), alloy components...

  • Creation of a process graphic for the carburisation profile via computer simulation
  • The treatment program can be optimised to achieve the desired results through changing parameters
  • The selected program is adjusted to the actual process via the online diffusion calculation module of the demig control systems in an adaptive manner

prosys/2 module prover/2 (820065)

Base module for batch tracking and automation 

Project-dependent work (820066)

Customer-specific developments/adjustments, percentage-based calculation of project management, development or adjustment costs. 

Adaptation of the base control system to the plant. 

Search function in measurements (820186)

Search function within comments on measurements  

Data export to SQL database ODBC (820191)

Automation function for online data export of the recorder via ODBC to any target system

Process data export to XML file (820198)

Automation function for process data export to XML/CSV.

Functional description: Automatic export of process data from measurement file recording after the end of the process as CSV or XML. 

prosyProgVer (820200)

Base module for program versioning (server licence) 

Every Demig control system can be connected to the base module with a system licence (article number: 820201). 

prosyProgVer version management can be used to effectively manage sequence programs, program parameters, process programs and system parameters. Creation and changes of controller programs and system parameters are saved in an archive with the version, time, user ID and a brief comment. 

Functional description: 

prosyProgVer version management is the backbone of process program development for many projects. The tool makes it possible to manage process programs, program parameters, sequence programs, and system parameters more effectively. Version management is essential in quality management for timely documentation of series production process developments and program development.  

prosyProgVer offers complete process controlling, thanks to automatic and seamless recording of all relevant information. This ensures information is always available for audits and certification. This basis provides an overview of process development: Thanks to a clear display showing the different versions, it is simple to monitor and optimise processes.  

Basic integration into the prosys/2 control system is carried out via the option “prosyProgVer”. The “prosyProgVerSystem” expansion module #820201 is also required for each controller for which programs are managed via version control. Creation and changes of controller programs and system parameters are saved in an archive with the version, time, user ID and a brief comment. The last version is the program used for production. Older versions can be restored from the archive or compared with other versions. 


Reduce costs: 

  • shorten/avoid downtimes 
  • Simplify daily work and processes through automation: Data backup, documentation, troubleshooting 
  • Restore error-free previous versions 
  • Easily compare different versions 

Improve quality: 

  • Process overview: WHO made changes – WHEN and WHY? 
  • Simplify process analysis and optimisation, for instance by finding frequent changes 
  • Automated documentation for QM processes 
  • Simplified auditing 

Improve security: 

  • Detect program manipulation 
  • Traceability in case of emergencies 
  • Easily create change protocols  
  • Quickly correct program errors 

prosyProgVerSystem (820201)

Licence per system connection

Expansion module to release a controller for prosyProgVer version management.

The “prosyProgVer” base module is a basic requirement for integrating control systems into version controlling (article number: 820200).

Position is required once per demig controller connection! 

prosyOPC-UA (820202)

Base module for OPC-UA interface (server licence) 

Every Demig control system can be connected to the base module with a system licence (article number: 820203). 

Functional description: 

The OPC-UA interface makes it possible to provide process data via OPC-UA. 

Auto configuration of the OPC-UA directory according to the system configuration (controller)

prosyOPC-UA System (820203)

Licence per system connection 

Expansion module to release a controller for the OPC-UA interface.  

The “prosyOPC-UA” base module is a basic requirement for integrating control systems into version controlling (article number: 820202).  

Position is required once per demig controller connection! 


The notification system informs the responsible employee via SMS or e-mail in case of a pre-defined alarm.

  • Selected alarms can be individually assigned to employees or groups of employees
  • Definition of responsibility time periods via the calendar function

prosytel E-Mail (820220)

Automation module for e-mail notification 


Pre-defined alarms via e-mail [optional: SMS hardware module (article number: 820221)].

Management of group messages and individual messages.

alarm texts can be assigned to any employee or group of employees, and responsibility time periods can be defined using a calendar.

prosytel SMS incl. hardware module (820221)

Hardware module for prosytel for SMS notification. 


Hardware module to supplement the prosytel notification function with SMS  

The SMS modem is connected via a serial cable, so please note that you will need either a serial port on a PC or an additional serial Ethernet converter (article number: 551209). 


prosys/2 module - prosytel E-Mail (article number: 820220) 

Serial interface or serial Ethernet converter (article number: 551209) 

SIM card (wireless network of your choice) [not included in scope of delivery] 

Batch image capturing hardware (820223)

Hardware for batch image capturing 


Network camera in a sturdy protective housing and single port PoE Midspan for installation in the area of the system for batch image capturing.  


prosys/2 module - batch image capturing (article number: 820187) 

PoE supply or 230V power supply 

TP-Cat5 network cable 

The network must be configured such that the control system can reach the camera via TCP/IP 

ERP-/TAM interface

ERP interface

The prosys/2 ERP interface module connects the functional areas of the process control systems with the ERP systems on the company control level. This creates better consistency throughout the entire company process.

  • Exchange process data in different formats for processing in higher-level systems
  • Project-specific adjustments

TAM interface

The TAM interface module adds a connection to the order management system AMS to the ERP interface. The system is specially tailored to the needs of contract manufacturers in heat treatment, and optimally maps the entire process from price calculations and offer preparation to hardness and metallographic analysis to automated invoicing.

Data exchange AMS to prosys/2

  • After batch registration, automatic transmission of the treatment program to the process controller
  • Sending customer data and assignment to the treatment batches
  • Live access to the control system viewer

Data exchange prosys/2 to  AMS

  • Provision of treatment programs for batch planning before batch loading
  • Transmission of all alarms during the process
  • Transmission of the furnace status including remaining run time to plan system load and transmitting information to the customer
  • Provision of order-specific process documentation, including relevant alarms
  • Transmission of system or batch-specific electricity and gas quantities for consumption and profitability calculation


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