Professional system solutions for the aerospace industry

High-precision metal components in the aerospace industry must undergo heat treatment in industrial furnaces. A professional process control system with process controllers from Demig can be used to make these production processes more efficient as part of an automation project, while simplifying standardised documentation.

Efficient production processes thanks to automating documentation

Often, the aerospace industry requires manufacturing of large batches, with the exact manufacturing process being documented for each individual part. To automate these processes, the industrial furnaces used in the production process are equipped with a specialised process controller. The prosys/2 process control system records and analyses all relevant data sets, then uses them to create digital data sheets that can be saved in a revision-proof manner.

Values like energy consumption and costs can also be calculated reliably. The process control system not only helps simplify documentation, but also optimises production processes, reduces lead times, and lowers energy consumption.

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From temperature curve to change management

Software solution functions

A process control system that precisely guides users through the chemical processing procedure with industrial furnaces is essential in the aerospace industry. This kind of system makes it possible to guarantee a precise temperature curve, good change management, and seamless documentation of every batch, in particular.

To meet the needs of the work environment in industrial aerospace manufacturing, the process controller must be equipped with durable and robust functional units, like user-friendly displays, that work even under the most difficult conditions. This is the only way to reliably control industrial heat treatment furnaces in the automation system.

Demig – Solutions for heat treatment in aerospace

One unique feature of the aerospace sector, in comparison to other metalworking industries, is that many components require an extremely high level of measurement precision. To meet the requirements of applicable standards, the hardware of the process control system records highly precise variables with narrow measurement tolerances. To ensure these tolerances can be complied with even after the hardware undergoes some wear and tear, Demig offers options from calibration to easy component exchange.

The system solutions Demig offers to manufacturers and users of industrial furnaces in the aerospace sector are composed of a hardware solution and a software solution. If you are interested in a professional product, or if you have questions, the competent Demig team would be happy to assist you.

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