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Do you want to fully optimise your heat treatment system, without having to worry about a thing?

When will you be satisfied with your heat treatment and climate process systems? When they run smoothly and reliably, while being easy to operate. Low costs across the service life would be ideal. To achieve these goals, you need to invest in control technology and automation, as well as low energy consumption. 

Many industries - one solution: Demig

Whether you need a heat treatment system for metal, glass, ceramics, foods, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, or medical devices, we have the solution. With proven technology and an innovative process control system, these energy-intensive processes can be made economical and even fully eco-friendly. We show you what today's modern in-process controls can do. With our reliable control technology and comprehensive automation, you can reduce operational disruptions and effectively prevent accidents. If no employees are involved in a process, they cannot be injured. Rethink your heat treatment from the ground up with us. We are ready to elevate your heat treatment technology and process control system to an all new level.

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What does a modern heat treatment system need?

You know what you need – we know how to make it possible. Come to us, and discuss your ideas. We will show you how to implement them, and the potential improvements available to you. Our expertise on in-process controlling, automation, design and construction of heat treatment systems is always up-to-date. From planning switching and control technology to automation technology to innovative and user-friendly process control systems, we offer everything from a single source. Innovative plant engineering makes your production more reliable, cost-efficient, productive, and ecological.

At Demig, we focus on customer value

To fulfil your needs, we begin by conducting an analysis of the current situation. This supports you in defining your objectives. To do so, we define a common goal and design and build your heat treatment system accordingly (new system), including an innovative process control system, or convert your existing system (modernisation).

Ready for operation when you need it

Even the best heat treatment systems, with the latest in-process controlling, are useless if they are not reliable and able to offer high system availability. Trust in a service provider who knows what is most important. We don't start to build when we show up for the installation appointment. We reduce downtimes. We carefully plan each project, arrive with pre-assembled components and install your system in a flash. The process control system is already pre-installed and has been thoroughly tested through simulations. That means you receive your system technology on time, on the date you need it. After testing and adjustment of all parameters, your system is ready again for production quickly. Call us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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