Process automation in the food industry

A process control system automates processes in the food industry, while ensuring the quality of production. To meet the high requirements of the industry, both manufacturers and users of industrial systems utilise hardware and software solutions from Demig.

From sterile quality to batch tracking – overview of requirements

In the food industry, producers must fulfil a wide range of different standards and regulations. These include ensuring foods are absolutely free of germs, and precise process control, for instance by preserving products in autoclaves of packing them in cans. In addition, the food industry requires precise batch tracking.

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Guarantee germ-free foods with the process control system

To support automation, a process control system in industrial food production helps ensure all processes run smoothly and efficiently. The software calculates, for instance, what temperature must be applied for what length of time to ensure that a certain food is free from germs. Automation controls the system so that all microorganisms are killed, and a targeted F0, D or Z value is achieved.

Reliably automate batch tracking for foods

For documentation purposes, batches of food must be tracked in detail and must remain traceable. If contamination does occur, this is the only way to find the batches, packages, and cans of food affected by the contamination. The process control system enables simple, digital tracing of food products.

Optimal process guidance with the Demig process control system

With the Demig process control system, you can take an important step towards automating your industrial food production systems. Industrial furnaces, such as autoclaves and pasteurisation systems can be optimally integrated into the digital control and documentation process. We deliver system manufacturers symbolic programming, to ensure the most precise and error-free process guidance possible for users.

If you are interested in automation for autoclaves, pasteurisation systems and other industrial furnaces in the food industry with process control systems from Demig, then don’t delay – contact our team.

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