Demig stands for security and quality

For durable products

Process controllers and switchgears for automating thermal processes are subject to particularly high standards of quality and safety. High temperatures cannot affect the components, the process controller, or the wiring between the actuators and sensors over the long-term. Achieving this goal is just part of our strategy. Before process controllers are delivered to the customer, they are subject to a series of tests, including the heat chamber test. This simulates the thermal conditions of their later installation location as closely as possible. Through this process, we ensure the high quality and durability of our products, and therefore create investment security for our customers.

Protecting the data used for automation is just as important as the hardware and software that Demig delivers. Because of this, we at Demig are your partner for software solutions that guarantee the highest level of process and data security.

What can impact plant security, and what is the solution?

Plant protection is an important issue across many industries. In normal everyday business, plant security is endangered by a variety of disruptive factors. Hardware failures, malfunctions and incorrect operation can disrupt key programs and processes, or endanger relevant data. Emergency backup systems for data and plant protection are essential, since automation systems are sensitive to program and process faults, as thermal processes require continuous a throughput of products and a continuous supply of thermal energy. If one or the other fails, the entire plant, as well as the workpieces inside, may be endangered.

Because of this, we firstly use proven software solutions that continuously back up and archive plant data, so that the data is saved in a redundant fashion in the process control system in case of a program or process fault. A backup can then be reloaded to the process controller quickly if needed. Secondly, equipment can be provided on loan in just hours in case of a hardware malfunction. 

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Competence in quality and data security

As a company certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, we have all relevant qualifications and certificates necessary to verify our expertise in quality and data security. Our control systems are certified for fault-free operation in an industrial environment. We ensure the reliability of our systems based on standardised testing processes. By complying with these regulated quality processes, we ensure that our software and hardware solutions meet today's high standards for quality and data security. With our system solutions and comprehensive consulting approach, we support our customers in complying with their documentation obligations to fulfil various standards, such as the CQI-9.

Training your employees

Even the best automation solutions from Demig are not much good if they cannot be used safely. Because of this, the key factor in ensuring the safety and data security of our automation solutions is the employees who use them. We support you in training your employees on how to handle our products safely, in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit and efficiency with our automation solutions.

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What Demig's quality policy means

Durable products ensure future viability

For decades, Demig has been the competent industry specialist for thermal process automation. In line with our brand promise “THE FUTURE OF SMART PROCESSES”, Demig develops forward-thinking hardware and software solutions for efficient automation of our customers’ production processes. Demig has always been committed to delivering products and services to a high standard of quality.

We at Demig implement our management system by actively living out its principles. In this way, we always ensure our high standard of quality. Our ultimate goal is to never make an error. However, it is just as important that we actively address the errors that do occur, so that we can learn from them and improve. At Demig, we know what we stand for, and we identify with the company. We are passionate about and fully committed to our work.

The secret behind our quality

To ensure the highest level of quality, we have a few guidelines that direct our work: 

  • Continuous development and constant learning.
  • Focus on customer benefits and the needs of our customers and partners.
  • Development of an international network.
  • Alignment with our values: we foster honest and respectful collaboration between customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. We value a focus on solutions, enthusiasm, reliability, and a bold attitude.
  • Cooperative, values-based management.
  • Our corporate knowledge, combined with redundant processes, is independent of any specialist or manager. This secures our corporate value.
  • We are an owner-operated, economically independent company.
  • Our positioning as an industry specialist in our defined sectors as well as active market development.
  • Investment security and a low TCO (total cost of ownership) thanks to durable and downwardly compatible systems.
  • Sustainable use of resources thanks to long-lasting systems and repair and spare part service.


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