Demig system modernisation

Flexible systems and short downtimes

Do you want to modernise your system? Our goal is to keep your downtimes short, while making spare parts available and improving your performance. Heat treatment systems also consume a large amount of energy. Innovative switchgears, a modern process control system and high-efficiency heat treatment solutions are part of our modernisation services. At Demig, we are prepared to get your systems ready to face new challenges.

We come to you to modernise your system

Everything looks good on paper. However, we can only get a true picture of the situation once we’re on site. We inspect your system alongside you. Often, we identify potential energy savings, cost savings, and improvements in process reliability during such inspections. Trust in our extensive expertise. Modernising heat treatment systems is our speciality.

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What you want for your heat treatment system - and what you need

We give your switchgears the power they need for new challenges. Failsafe reliability, optimised networking and more efficient data collection are just as important as saving energy. Through modern switchgears, user-friendly system controllers and an innovative process control system, you are back up to date and can easily fulfil your customers’ specifications.


From concept to offer

Once we know what you need, you will receive a detailed concept from us. We will use it to create a valid offer that you can rely on. Designing the switchgears is just one component of how we modernise your systems. We always work at the top of our field. Let us show you what we, and our work, can do. We will get your switchgears, switch cabinets, and processes ready for Industry 4.0.

Efficient implementation

You will receive a detailed schedule from us with all work involved. There is no way to avoid shutting down part or all of the system. However, we keep the costs of doing so as low as possible. We will arrive on time with a team of competent specialists, modern tools, and all the materials we need for the overhaul. We will bring pre-installed switchgears with us. That means the project will be completed quickly so you can get back to production – with an all-new level of efficiency.

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