Demig competence for optimised thermal processes

In our over 45-year history, we have gained comprehensive expertise in the areas of plant engineering, process controllers, and process control systems. We have earned the right to call ourselves an industry specialist in the area of automating thermal and climate processes.

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Cost-optimised heat treatment processes

We would be glad to use our expertise to comprehensively analyse and cost-optimise your heat treatment processes. Our knowledge of the interactions between process and control technology allows us to offer you easy to integrate solutions – including for existing systems.

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  • ERP
  • MES
  • PLC Controller
  • Sensors Actuators

Support of software and controllers, repair of controllers, Winconfig

Training packages for perfect competence of thermal processes

Integrated optimization or modernization of heat treatment process


Demig technologies for sustainable systems

Demig for plant engineering

Are you looking for a way to bring the thermal processes in your production systems up-to-date? Then you have come to the right place. We can show you what today’s innovative process control systems and process controllers can do, and help you make your production cost-efficient, productive, and ecological with modern plant engineering.

Whether you are interested in in-process controlling, automation, or designing and building heat treatment systems: We are always on top of our field. Benefit from our expertise in innovative processes and process optimisations through synergy effects and the latest thermal insulation materials.

Demig for process controllers

Temperature, time, atmosphere, materials - process controllers for heat treatment systems need to take a variety of parameters into consideration. Excessive heat can negatively impact product quality, as can low temperatures or hold times that are too short or too long. In the past, specialist technicians had to manually monitor thermal processes in a system – today, process control systems and process controllers from Demig ensure optimal production conditions are maintained.

Our portfolio includes not only a variety of process controllers, but also the corresponding software. Our proven prosys/2 program ensures clear in-process controlling, even with complex procedures.

Demig for process control systems

With our process control systems, you can automatically monitor and control a wide variety of components and parameters in your production system. This results in a variety of advantages in terms of production efficiency, product quality, and your ability to react quickly to changing requirements.

Our SCADA process control system prosys/2 provides you with a full overview of all production systems, facilitating targeted in-process controlling and management of your production processes. Whether you want to collect, document, and analyse all key process data, or minimise production shutdowns through redundant recording of measured values or via backup/restore of the system configuration – Demig process control systems make it possible.


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