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In few production processes is precise compliance with all procedures as critical as it is for heat treatment. From curing or annealing furnaces to stoving stations or powder coating furnaces, the right temperature is essential. Demig process controllers were developed for exactly this purpose.

Sensor and timer-controlled processes ensure products are always exposed to only the level of heat they need. This is our answer to process control in heat treatment with Industry 4.0.

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Demig process controllers – highly efficient with prosys/2

At Demig, we offer a large selection of reliable process controllers. In addition to a wide range of hardware solutions, we also provide the corresponding software. With our intuitive process controller interface and the prosys/2 program, in-process controlling is clear and easy to understand, even for complex processes. Unambiguous menu guidance, clear graphic illustrations and access restrictions for protected areas make working with the process controller simple and efficient. The operation of the controller and prosys/2 are also perfectly coordinated. That means we always offer the right process control system – for today, and for the future.

Why are imprecise process controllers problematic?

Heat is required for a wide range of applications. Hot air blowers pre-temper frozen goods in the food industry. Drying systems are used in many industries, and are an important component of consistent product quality. Varnishing furnishes reduce the drying times of surface coatings. Finally, high-temperature processes in annealing furnaces change material properties, from metals to ceramics.

All of these processes have one thing in common: they are sensitive to faults. Because of this, a process control system for these applications cannot just stubbornly follow a program, as is the case for CNC machining systems, for instance.

A process controller for heat treatment processes needs to be able to take a large number of parameters into account. Temperature, time, wall thickness, and material are just four examples. Insufficient tempering can result in poorer quality, as can excessive heat or too much exposure time. In the past, a specialist technician was needed on the system to manually monitor the process controller. Now, the process control system from Demig allows the system to run with the minimum number of specialist personnel.


What makes a process controller great?

The key to successful, automated in-process controlling is a process control system that grows with you. We offer in-process controlling that is not only freely configurable, but also adaptive. As the number of parameters, combinations, and applications grows, the process controller offers ever more customised suggestions for each new task.

Demig process controllers are sustainable in the best sense of the word: Their extremely long service life and repair capability differentiate them clearly from the competition. Demig ensures extreme compatibility with previous models from the earliest stages of development, so process controllers can usually be replaced without significant revisions of your switch cabinet or control technology. 

Adaptability and high compatibility shorten the test phase, delivering consistently good results more quickly. The best thing about adaptive in-process controlling is how easy it is to operate, along with the reliable processes it delivers. Thanks to this combination, the process control system remains ready to automate complex processes with minimum manpower. This significantly reduces the operating costs of the system, and thereby the life-cycle cost (LCC) and total cost of ownership (TCO).

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