Demig process control systems

for precise system control with low service requirements

As an integral part of many production systems, process control systems facilitate automated, cross-location monitoring of Demig process controllers in a wide range of different plants. This has many different advantages in terms of efficiency, quality, and the ability to react quickly to new requirements.

In-process controlling with the Demig process control system

We offer the SCADA process control system prosys/2 as an industry-specific software for optimising production processes in the heating, cooling, and climate control area that fulfils the highest standards for innovation and function.

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Control and regulation

prosys/2 covers all control systems on the process level, offering a complete overview of all production systems. By doing so, the application allows for targeted in-process controlling and management of industrial processes, both locally and remotely.

Documentation and communication

prosys/2 can be used to collect, record, and analyse all system and batch-specific process data, as well as process data relevant for quality, in selected time intervals. Process documentation is prepared based on industry-specific standards and specifications significant in the metalworking industry. One example is CQI-9 in the automotive sector.

Improve efficiency with failover protection

Our process control system helps significantly boost efficiency in production. Thanks to redundant recording of measured values and a backup/restore function for the system configuration, it also helps prevent production downtimes and minimise shutdowns.

The right process control system for every need

Essentially, we offer two systems:

The latter is built on prosys/2, and can easily be retrofitted. Which of our system is best suited to a particular application will depend on the feature set of the systems, and the desired degree of product, batch, and/or material tracking. The more automated a production system is, the more likely it is that prover/2 automation will be the right choice. In most cases, prosys/2 is sufficient for a system with few automated processes.

Your advantages with process control systems from Demig

We offer prosys/2 as a reliable platform for in-process controlling and a solid basis for optimising your production processes. Thanks to our process engineering expertise based on over 45 years of experience and targeted training for our employees, we are able to find individual solutions for any requirement, and prepare offers to update ageing systems.

Our service is designed specifically around the needs of industrial customers. With advising over the telephone, modern remote diagnostics, daily spare parts delivery and available loan systems, we can minimise downtimes in case of faults, and guarantee the best possible system availability. There is no need to conclude an expensive maintenance contract. You pay only for the services you actually use.

Do you want to learn more about our process control system for in-process controlling? Contact us, and we will provide you with all the information you need.

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