The order management system for heat treatment

The order management system from ttc informatik GmbH is a modern software solution specially tailored to the needs of contract manufacturers in heat treatment. Highly qualified software developers and experienced industry professionals collaborated to ensure that the system solution could optimally cover all operating areas – from pricing calculation and offer preparation to hardness and metallographic testing, to automated invoicing.

What’s more, with the help of the technical order management system TAM, we combine commercial and administrative areas of order processing with the technical level of system and control technology via the prosys/2 process control system. Technical order management in AMS reflects the basic system component TAM. This unique integration, the modular structure of the programs and the expansion option allows us to flexibly design seamless order, deadline and process management even for small companies. In addition, electricity and gas quantities can be transmitted on a system or batch-specific basis to calculate consumption and profitability.


AMS offers 

  • An order processing system from offer and order to invoicing, crediting, and dunning
  • A production planning and production control system (PPS)
  • An MES manufacturing execution system
  • Operating data recording
  • An expert system to support technical contractual reviews
  • Company-wide collection, consolidation, and processing of data
  • Analysis of production performance, product quality
  • Provision of key performance indicators (KPI) to improve decision-making processes
  • Reporting to support decision-making and documentation
  • Accessing and consolidation of data from different sources (operating data recording, energy optimisation, laboratory, process control system...)
  • Integration of offline data (laboratory, calculations, future load profiles)
  • Event-driven calculation and notification
  • Long-term archiving of data and notifications (over many years)

Work areas

Key applications of the order management system

I. Handling operational business

  • Incoming goods, technical contract review
  • Image recording of components/packaging materials
  • Production planning/controlling
  • Operating data recording
  • Connection to control system(s)
  • Outgoing goods 
  • Shipping/logistics

II. Handling “direct” administration

  • Pricing
  • Offer management
  • Invoicing
  • Dunning
  • Credit memos
  • Purchasing/ordering

III. Auxiliary/secondary processes

  • Connection/integration of digital archiving (DMS)
  • Maintenance log
  • Shelf management
  • Testing device connections
  • Communication services
  • Complaint processing
  • and much more



  • TAM with connection to prosys/2
  • TAM manual batch tracking (without prosys/2 connection)
  • AMS web service
  • AMS cross-location search
  • AMS email service
  • AMS ImgWE image capturing (static mount)
  • AMS ImgCP batch image capturing
  • AMS EDI interfaces
  • AMS AutoMahn automatic dunning
  • AMS fax integration
  • AMS PT planning board/furnace occupancy plan
  • AMS BW ordering
  • AMSDMS connection to document management systems.
    We can connect Docuware and currently 6 other manufacturers, others upon request.
  • AMS WB maintenance log
  • AMS RGV shelf management
  • AMS BDE operating data recording
  • AMS BDE packaging station
  • AMS BDE printer server
  • AMS Fibu standard accounting interface
  • AMS MSG message system
  • AMS  EX/IM transmission of order data
  • AMS PDF conversion to PDF documents
  • AMS connection to Datev, SAP, Addison, Navision etc.
  • AMS Prüfgerät connection to testing devices
  • AMS SPC control card QA function
  • AMS TAPI connection between order management system and telephone system
  • AMS Standort-Flag/multi-location support
  • AMS Reklamation complaint processing
  • AMS connection to digital calliper
  • AMS Sign digital signature recording
  • AMS Waage connection to incoming goods scale
  • AMS IntraStat connection to the Federal Statistical Office
  • AMS EM-demig energy consumption value recording
  • AMS EM-Dibalog energy consumption value recording
  • AMS ZEI Import/export received payments
  • AMS Spektro connection to spectral analysis equipment
  • AMS PBV sample management
  • AMS Norm standard management
  • AMS Master-Slave
  • AMS AVE incoming goods module/order pre-acquisition
  • AMS RGV shelf management
  • AMS Auftragsimport/ order import
  • AMS SAP SAP interface
  • AMS ZUGFeRD transmit invoice externally as ZUGFeRD

Mobile services

  • AMS mBasis basic service for mobile applications
  • AMS mWEK mobile incoming goods control
  • AMS mWerkbank mobile extended workbench
  • AMS mPT mobile planning board
  • AMS mRGV BW mobile shelf management for ordering
  • AMS mRGV VAE mobile shelf management for treated materials
  • AMS mImg mobile image recording
  • AMS mAE mobile order pre-acquisition web application visual transmission of orders to AMS
  • AMS mBDE mobile operating data recording
  • AMS mALS mobile delivery, door-to-door function
  • AMS mWB mobile maintenance log
  • AMS mHP mobile hardness testing
  • AMS mTO mobile scheduling optimisation/progress chaser list
  • AMS mVersand mobile shipping
  • AMS mPÜ mobile production overview
  • AMS mLGV mobile warehouse management incl. warehouse designer


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