Glass and ceramics

Depending on the application, glass and ceramic products must have specific properties. These are achieved through targeted heat treatment using industrial furnaces. The required processes must run reliably, precisely, and without interruption. Process reliability and guidance play an important role in ensuring they do.

As a specialist in automation and in-process controlling, we offer companies in the glass and ceramics area network-capable controllers that can be expanded with almost any type of I/O card or external module, and that have all the modern interfaces needed for seamless integration. We fulfil important standards such as IATF 16949 and ISO 9001.

Automation and redundant systems facilitate seamless in-process controlling

To prevent interruptions and ensure continuous in-process controlling, some systems are equipped with multiple controllers in the course of automation. If one of these fails, the process continues to run as usual.

The controllers monitor one another and trigger an alarm in case of a failure. Depending on the security level, maintenance personnel, the operations manager or even the plant fire brigade is informed to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and avoid expensive subsequent damage.

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Exact process documentation facilitates batch tracking and tracing

Even very small air inclusions can ruin an entire batch. Contaminated raw materials can also cause production errors, such as:

  • Reboiling due to temperature fluctuations,
  • Incorrect flame setting in industrial furnaces,
  • A mould temperature that is too high or too low, or
  • Stress cracks due to an incorrect temperature profile during cooling.

Precise process documentation, exact batch tracking, and traceability make it possible to identify potentially faulty batches quickly without interrupting the production process.

Applications for Demig automation and in-process controlling solutions

In the glass and ceramics area, we offer custom-tailored solutions for industrial furnaces such as hot presses and chamber dryers. Our DE-VX 4200 series control system ensures high-precision temperature and stamp pressure regulation in hot pressing. Chamber drying can control up to 64 independent control zones, as well as handle charging if this process is automated.

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