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Constant support for your process controller

Do you have a system with an older process control system? We offer comprehensive technical support, even for previous models of control technology for thermal processes.

We can advise you on useful updates to your process controller that fit your investment budget. With Demig process control systems, your systems remain efficient. We guarantee support beyond the normal warranty periods. We provide support for the following previous models, among others: DE-VR 4008, DE-VX 4110 , DE-VX 4115, DE-VX 4210, DE-VX 4215, DE-VX 4604, DE-VX 4608, DE-VX 4601, DE-VX 4602, BT-1000.

Operating manuals are available in the customer portal.

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Better performance through software updates

In many cases, simply updating your software can have excellent results. You benefit from a wider range of available functions and easier-to-understand menu guidance. To take advantage of this option, the process controller's existing hardware must be compatible with the software. Contact us about updates to your process controller.

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Demig service for process controllers

Our qualified installers will supply you with everything you need to seamlessly maintain your production. If a new process controller needs to be produced, we will provide you with a device on loan. Production interruptions are highly critical, in particular in heat treatment systems. Thanks to our service, we ensure you can avoid such disruptions over the long-term – or, if they cannot be avoided, keep them as short as possible.

How can Demig help replace older process controllers?

Even the best process controllers age over time, and become unable to keep up with today's challenges. When this happens, we offer replacement of all necessary hardware components. We are also happy to advise you on modernisation projects! 

We have been using prosys/2 for many years along with a Plug + Play standard that makes it very easy to switch to a new process control system. The consistent exterior dimensions of our process controllers eliminate the need to make adjustments on the switch cabinet. This means you can exchange your controller as needed, without having to replace your entire switch cabinet. With a new process control system, you will once again be able to enjoy the range of functions of your in-process controlling. Learn about our current process controllers.

How can Demig support you in process controller maintenance?

Even if the screen is faded and the membrane keypad is barely legible, you may not need to replace your entire process control system. Simple maintenance can help return your process controller to its original function. The smooth membrane keypad used on the process controller of a heat treatment system is designed as a wearing part. We can exchange it, and the screen if needed, in just a few steps. We will also update the software at the same time. Overall, this is a much less expensive solution than exchanging all process controllers.

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