Demig loan equipment

for process control without downtimes

If components in your system fail, you will receive loan equipment quickly from Demig, so you can minimise downtimes and bridge waiting periods. With the help of our process control system, you can exchange the hardware in the system for loan components in a flash. If you do not use a process control system, we will either have to upload the controller configuration on your loan controller in-house at our facility, or during servicing of your broken process controller.

Availability of loan equipment

Demig provides a wide range of process controllers available for loan. This helps us ensure you can restart production quickly after a fault. Normally, you will receive a controller identical to your own. If this is not available, we will determine whether similar controllers can be used. 

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Delivery terms for loan systems

The time it takes for a process controller to arrive at your site will depend on where you are located. Generally, we send products from out site via express shipping. In an emergency, you can receive your loan system in just a few hours via courier service.

Installation and configuration of the process controller

The prosys/2 process control system can be used to install and configure a process control system within 30 minutes via plug and play. Without prosys/2, the exchange may take several days in a worst-case scenario. If you are not yet using prosys/2, we are happy to provide this software to you. Request the process control system from us. We will support you with installation and adjustment to your process controller.

On-site exchange by Demig service technicians

A trained electrician from your company with access to prosys/2 can exchange your process controller. However, in general we recommend having process controllers exchanged by a skilled Demig service technician. Thanks to their experience, our technicians complete the work required quickly, offering you additional time savings. This approach also prevents lost data or accidental changes to the configuration of your furnace.

Let Demig support your needs

Upon request, Demig offers comprehensive support for problems with your process controller. Request a telephone consultation or modern remote diagnostics. We are happy to provide you with remote support over a variety of platforms to restore your system configuration, in case of lost data, or for error analyses.

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