Our mission


We secure Demig’s future through a focus on customers, innovation, and authenticity.

We are future-proof, thanks to our specialisation and the quality of our products and services.

Demig: Mission
Be efficient


Improving our customers’ efficiency, while being efficient in our own actions, is our mission.

Our values


A clear focus and superior technical expertise allow us to develop innovative products and services that work and inspire. Through a consistent focus on our customers and business partners, we clearly identify the problem and offer excellent solutions. It is highly important to us that our products and services deliver outstanding quality, and impress above all with their durability.


Our employees are passionate about and fully committed to their work. This facilitates smooth collaboration, and helps us deliver results that impress. We pursue a common mission: making our customers more successful. We put our heart into everything we do. All of our actions are guided by commitment and motivation. Our excitement drives us forward, helping us take a bold approach to the future.


We maintain relationships based on trust, and engage with both our employees and our customers and business partners as equals. Openness, transparency and reliability are fundamental to our collaborations, helping us convey a feeling of security. All decisions made within the company are carefully considered. Through long-term planning, we avoid errors and deliver high-quality results.


Demig stands out for our open attitude. We look into the future with optimism, and are always searching for new developments. Our spirit of innovation inspires us, and we keep our objectives clearly in view. In this way, we always succeed in discovering new potential and generating creative ideas. We actively shape the future of our enterprise, always maintaining our independence and valuing conscientious and carefully considered actions.

Demig: Purpose
Progressive technologies for sustainable systems


We make the applications of the future possible through technology. With our inventive spirit, we create innovations and make technology more efficient. Our goal is to optimise our customers’ overall processes, thereby reducing energy consumption and costs. 

Demig: Positioning
Next level performance


We have a distinct awareness for innovation. We utilise our extensive expertise to drive innovation. The work and commitment of our employees reflect this drive. We are open to new ideas, and accept them with a bold attitude. In doing so, we create more performant systems and solutions.


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