The process control system for automated refrigeration and climate control technology

Process control systems are essential in the refrigeration and climate control sector. They are used to help automate ongoing processes, and give production engineering and management a detailed overview of all relevant data both during and after the process.

Precise control and reliable documentation as key requirements

The systems used in refrigeration and climate control technology must be precisely controlled to fulfil their desired functions. Environmental simulation chambers are one example of this. To reliably evaluate tests, all process variables that are relevant for the environmental simulation process must be recorded. 

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In-process controlling for professional simulations and tests

To provide a precise overview of the process while it is ongoing, and not only after it ends, both the process control system and process controller offer an in-process controlling function. This in-process controlling can be used, for instance, if component simulations and tests are conducted under specific environmental influences, such as in cold and environmental simulation chambers.

Demig – reliable process control systems in refrigeration and climate control

The Demig process control system is a key tool for automating processes in refrigeration and climate control technology. Both manufacturers and users of refrigeration and climate control systems trust in the combination of hardware and software to make their processes more efficient.

If you are interested in sector-specific solutions from Demig for automation in refrigeration and climate control technology, please get in touch with us. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

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