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Do you operate heat treatment systems? Together, we can make you an expert. Demig is the competent industry specialist for thermal process automation. We create system solutions so your systems can be regulated precisely, with low service requirements and high availability. Documentation is handled automatically.

Demig solutions for investment security

From process controllers/process control systems to plant engineering or order management systems: Our solutions focus on the sustainability of your investment decisions, and take all costs throughout the life cycle of your plants and software systems into consideration.

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As owners of Demig, we run our company cooperatively and based on values. Our goal is to inspire you as a customer by ensuring that our products ideally meet your needs and wishes. With our first-class solutions for heat treatment processes, we offer you investment security and sustainability. We understand the importance of keeping costs optimal in the life cycle of your equipment and software systems, and we are there to support you. Through the outstanding quality of our products and our fast support, we help you to keep plant availability at a top level. With our extensive expertise, we support companies at all levels, from the store floor to the ERP system. In addition, we offer products that ideally complement each other to improve your operational processes.

Take advantage of our expertise in heat treatment processes

We conduct comprehensive analyses of your heat treatment processes and optimise every procedure. We understand the interactions between control technology and process engineering, and offer easy to integrate solutions – including in existing systems.

We understand the specific needs of companies, from the shop floor to the ERP system, and offer products that perfectly complement one another.

Our guarantee: Demig products are extraordinarily long-lasting and easy to repair. If a component needs to be exchanged decades down the road, you can do so without replacing the entire system.

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