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If you are curious and open to new ideas, and you want to work with us to preserve great technologies while driving development forward, please apply with us.

Our values of focusing on solutions, enthusiasm, reliability, and courage mean that we design products with passion. Our teams enjoy wide latitude in decision-making.

Demig stands for control and regulation technology for heat treatment systems and automation. We offer products and services in the following key areas: Controllers/programmers (hardware), software systems for automated computer integrated manufacturing on all levels and services, like planning and converting/updating control and regulation technology.

Apprenticeships at Demig

Today, qualified vocational training is essential to take advantage of all the career opportunities available to you and to develop your own individual skills. Because of this, our company is dedicated to training young people as one of our central missions. At our company, we are currently training: 

Equipment and systems electrician:

Equipment and systems electricians manufacture components and equipment, for instance for information and communication technology, vehicle electronics, medical technology or measurement and testing technology. You will commission and maintain systems and equipment. The standard training period is 3.5 years.

IT specialist (application development area):

IT specialists in application development design and implement software projects based on customer specifications. To do so, you will analyse and plan IT systems. You will also train users. The standard training period is 3 years 

Industrial clerk

Industrial clerks handle commercial and business-related duties such as material management, sales and marketing, HR, finance, and accounting, in companies from many different sectors. The standard training period is 3 years.

Dual studies, Bachelor’s & Master’s theses at Demig

In collaboration with the University of Siegen, we offer the option of apprenticeships and internship semesters, and provide professional training through a dual studies program. We also offer the option of preparing Bachelor’s or Master’s theses on new developments at our company.

Sigrun Bender will be happy to assist you in choosing a topic, or with other questions.

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