Heat treatment in industry takes more than just precise temperature profiles and documentation. Depending on the sector, control technology and the process control system need to conform to precisely tailored requirements: 

  • Metalworking companies often work with large batches, and the process for each individual part must be precisely documented.
  • In the food industry, producers have to comply with a wide range of standards and regulations, and ensure absolute sterility.
  • High-precision metal components are used in aviation and aerospace, which must have extremely narrow tolerances.

At Demig, we know technology for thermal processes: From standardised documentation to compliance with the strictest F0 values, to creating a complete system solution to match your budget.  

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Our consultants will make you an expert in heat treatment. Rely on our more than 40 years of experience in process control systems for industrial furnaces and process engineering. We deliver investment security and custom solutions that go beyond the industry standard.


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