Demig consulting for thermal process control systems

Comprehensive optimisation of your heat treatment processes

At Demig, we offer reliable experts for controlling processes in both refrigeration technology and heat treatment. We design and implement process control systems for industrial furnaces and process engineering. Based on thorough expertise, practical experience, and personal commitment, we work with you to develop the optimal control technology and a degree of automation that helps you move forward. We also advise you how you can collect system data as easily as possible, then analyse it optimally. Let us provide you with comprehensive consulting on how our process control systems for industrial furnaces can add safety and efficiency to your production.

Process control systems for industrial furnaces and more

Demig's work focuses primarily on process control systems for metal heat treatment systems. We use our experience, gained over the course of 40 years, for process controlling of other systems and help our customers make their processes faster and better, while saving costs. In-process controlling with batch tracking, controlling work processes, regulating process parameters, and providing information on the system status are important in almost any industry. Learn how you can create optimal conditions for control and regulation.

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Hardware and software for process controlling from a single source

The fact that Demig manufactures both the control technology you need and associated information processing programs plays a large role in the company's success. Hardware and software for process controlling from a single source means that you save time and costs with processes that have been proven in practical use and optimised over time. Process control systems from Demig for industrial furnaces and process engineering are reliable, and in use around the world. We help you design optimal systems that work together and take full advantage of interfaces.

Your path to reducing life cycle costs

Our consultation is based on the current condition of your equipment. After we inspect your system, we will advise you on how to improve your technology. That helps you maintain the value and reliability of your systems in the long term, while optimising life cycle costs for your heat treatment system. The consulting you receive from Demig covers the entire automation pyramid. By installing process control systems for industrial furnaces, we ensure perfect documentation of in-process controlling. Take advantage of our services to update your system, optimise energy usage, or retrofit an older plant, as well as to design control technology for new systems.

Do you want to save costs and reduce downtimes?

Update your system, and optimise your energy usage!

During a system update or energy optimisation consultation, we will explain how you can bring your processes up to date. We will show you how production itself can be optimised. Then we will present how we can equip your technology with modern measurement transducers and controllers, then link these with the process controller.

Retrofitting older systems

The goal of a retrofit is to maintain the use of your existing technology as long as possible and with optimised costs. We will analyse your system and your needs, evaluate both and suggest how you can keep using your system reliably for as long as possible by making smart investments.

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