Demig maintenance and repair

for safety and sustainable management

Often, process controllers for industrial furnaces are exposed to tough conditions. Regular, professional maintenance of the equipment, accessories, and installed software is essential to ensure long, fault-free in-process controlling. The Demig service team will be happy to support you.

Professional service for maintenance

Demig’s professional service is specially designed for industrial customers. It includes telephone consultations and modern remote diagnostics. Our process control system for industrial furnaces is designed to provide you with the information you need for maintenance. Alternatively, highly qualified and experienced employees from our support department will provide you information on maintenance intervals and required activities over the phone. They also answer any other questions you may have regarding process controlling.

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Preventative maintenance

In the course of preventative maintenance, we inspect and maintain equipment and software implemented in your process control system for industrial furnaces. This service is also available for previous process controller generations. If a part cannot be repaired, you will receive a downwardly compatible spare part. Take advantage of the benefits preventative maintenance offers: Better process reliability, error-free in-process controlling, and extending the service life of your process controller.

Controller updates

In the course of preventative maintenance, we will offer you options to update your technology. For example, it often makes sense to retrofit your system to the latest HMI (human machine interface) as a way to update your older controller. We equip your interfaces with touch surfaces and update the software as well. Controllers can easily be integrated into your process control system for industrial furnaces, making operation even easier.

Repairs to save resources and ensure sustainability

In order to help protect natural resources, we repair equipment whenever possible instead of replacing worn devices. We recommend that you send worn components of your process controller for industrial furnaces to our repair department for servicing. Experienced, professional employees will restore it to proper function. Manufacturer maintenance ensures the high quality of your equipment. Careful testing results in excellent long-term availability.

Our repair service offers the following advantages:

  • System downtimes are reduced or avoided (we also offer loan equipment)
  • Operating costs are kept low
  • Life cycle cost optimisation – after the repair, the controller is tested to function like a new device and ready for use!
  • Existing systems can be operated for a long period of time without conversion

Express shipment for spare parts and loan systems

If a component of your process control system for industrial furnaces fails, our daily express shipping will deliver the spare part you need quickly. It also becomes active if you choose preventative maintenance or component repair. You will receive loan equipment as a short-term solution. This keeps downtimes for process control systems for industrial furnaces to a minimum.

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