Demig trainings for competent heat treatment

Become an expert on technology for our thermal processes

Are you looking for a way to use our products in a more effective and targeted manner in your daily work? In our user-specific training sessions, we deliver expert knowledge on all the options our heat treatment solutions offer for:

  • System manufacturers
  • Installers
  • Maintenance & repair personnel
  • Quality assurance
  • Operational and department managers

What type of training do you need to complete your work easier, more efficiently, and more safely?

We create our training packages to specifically address the user's needs. System operators, for instance, learn all relevant information about the controller and software system. Topic-specific training sessions and custom trainings are also available.

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Demig training packages for perfect competence in thermal processes

Training package for system operators

Training duration: 1 day

From hardware design to the operating concept, to creating recipes and evaluating alarms: We teach system operators for thermal processes everything they need to know about control technology – including measurement recordings and manual operation.

The training package also includes a detailed introduction into the process control system, including its structure and basic operations.

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Training package for manufacturers, installers, and maintenance/repair

Training duration: 3 days

For control technology, we teach: Hardware design, operating concept, creating recipes, evaluating alarms, measurement recording, manual operation, user management, configuration, operator, alarm, and message text editing, board addressing and board matching.

The following training topics are important for process control systems: Installation of prosys/2 clients, design of the process control system, basic operations, backing up & restoring configurations, recorder evaluation, alarm & message evaluation, communication with Demig process controllers, settings (user management, visualisation, editing alarm, message, and operator texts, editing recorders, automatic notification system).

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Training package for quality assurance, operation and department managers

Training duration: 1 day

During the control technology training, you will learn all about the structure of your hardware, the operating concept and creating recipes. In addition, we will discuss alarm evaluation, measurement recording and user management, as well as editing operator, alarm, and message texts.

Based on the process control system, we will teach you how to install prosys/2 clients, as well as about the design of the process control system and basic operations, backing up and restoring configurations, and recorder evaluation. You will also receive an introduction to evaluating alarms and messages, communication with Demig process controllers, and various settings for users and visualisations, for instance

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Training package for system manufacturers

WinConfig – PLC training

Training duration: 5 days

Topic-specific training sessions deliver knowledge from every user area. The training content includes installing the configuration software, software setup and operation, and an explanation of what the software understands as a “project”. The training also covers configuration of analogue inputs, analogue and digital inputs and outputs, block configuration, and configuration of the PLC. You will learn new information about symbolic programming, configuring process and illustrative diagrams, displays (such as display parameters), alarm, message and operating text configuration and data transfer and configuration tests in the debugger.

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