Software and hardware solutions for heat treatment

From multi-purpose chamber furnaces to vacuum furnaces, nitriding furnaces or shaft furnaces – the metalworking industry places high demands on the heat treatment of substances, semi-finished materials, and components. An automated process control system for commonly available industrial furnaces is essential to ensure high efficiency in the production process. Our solutions are standardised, and fulfil the specialised requirements of the metalworking industry: Such as the CQI-9 standard, relevant for the automotive industry. 

Process control system for efficient processing procedures

Generally, metalworking companies work with large batches, in which the process for each individual part must be precisely documented. A process control system specially designed for industrial furnaces is used to automate this process. This software solution records and analyses all relevant data for each batch, using it to create digital data sheets that can be saved in a revision-proof manner. Values such as energy consumption and batch costs can also be reliably calculated.

In addition to simplifying documentation, the process control system can also be used to optimise underlying production processes. Targeted use can help optimize system usage, reduce lead times, and lower energy consumption.

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From temperature curve to change management

Software solution functions

Metalworking companies need a process control system that provides precise guidance through chemical processing procedures with industrial furnaces. A precise temperature curve, good change management, and seamless documentation are essential. The Demig prosys/2 control system supports users in complying with standards, such as the CQI-9 for the automotive industry. The control system handles documentation automatically without errors, allowing the user to save time. Since production sites in the metalworking industry are often rugged and dirty, the process control system needs to be equipped with robust and durable functional units and user-friendly displays that can be operated even with dirty fingers. This is the only way to reliably control the industrial furnaces used for heat treatment.

Demig – professional solutions for heat treatment in the metalworking industry

For over 40 years, Demig has been equipping manufacturers and users of industrial furnaces in the metalworking sector with customised process equipment that combines hardware and software solutions. From multi-purpose chamber furnaces to reed winding tools, we help design industrial heat treatment efficiently and with guaranteed quality.

If you are interested in our metalworking solutions, don’t delay – contact the competent Demig team.

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