Our team

  • Sigrun Bender

    Sigrun Bender
    Accounting | Human resource management

  • René Boller

    René Boller
    Managing director

  • Markus Brautzsch

    Markus Brautzsch
    Software controller development engineer

  • Aleyna Cebi

    Aleyna Cebi
    Sales Manager

  • Simon Hagemeier

    Simon Hagemeier
    Hardware development engineer

  • Marco Held

    Marco Held
    Head of process control development

  • Peter Herbst

    Peter Herbst
    Product manager | Sales manager

  • Elmar Hoof

    Elmar Hoof
    Production | Logistics

  • Anastasia Horlicki

    Anastasia Horlicki

  • Elke Jung

    Elke Jung

  • 田杰杰 TIAN JIE JIE

    田杰杰 TIAN JIE JIE
    China Technical Director

  • Tobias Klaus

    Tobias Klaus
    Head of support | QMO

  • Norbert Koch

    Norbert Koch
    Head of software controller development

  • Noah Künle

    Noah Künle
    Software Developer Demig Lioncode GmbH

  • Marco Lo Bartolo

    Marco Lo Bartolo
    Plant system technician

  • Tania Mirhadi

    Tania Mirhadi

  • Gabriele Mös

    Gabriele Mös

  • Dr.-Ing. Axel Müller

    Dr.-Ing. Axel Müller
    Managing director

  • Mohammed Reza Nazary

    Mohammed Reza Nazary
    Electronics Technician Support

  • Gitta Rausch-Betz

    Gitta Rausch-Betz
    Sales manager

  • Dominique Römer

    Dominique Römer
    Head of Development Demig Lioncode GmbH | Product Manager FUTRACO

  • Burkhard Schlechtingen

    Burkhard Schlechtingen
    Head of production

  • Andrea Schmelzer

    Andrea Schmelzer
    Sales & marketing manager | Asia Pacific coordinator

  • Jojakim Stahl

    Jojakim Stahl
    Process control system engineer

  • Oktay Tüylü

    Oktay Tüylü
    Process control system engineer

  • Nicolai Weisang

    Nicolai Weisang
    Process control development computer scientist


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