The Demig process control system prover/2 automation module

for highly automated systems

The prover/2 automation process control system supports heat treatment companies in the metalworking, glass, and ceramics industry in successfully automating their processes.

Project-specific solutions for in-process controlling

To ensure maximum efficiency, a process control system must be individually adapted to existing circumstances and requirements. Our prover/2 automation program includes standardised modules that can be modified to meet the customer's needs. This allows us to offer affordable solutions for any degree of automation.

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Overview of our prover/2 automation solution

prover/2 is an extension of prosys/2, our innovative process control system for in-process controlling. The software contains an SQL-capable database used to make production data available online at all times. This allows all areas of the company to access the information they need any time, as well as adopt data and even directly influence production processes.

prover/2 can also be accessed using operating terminals, such as our BT 1200, which is a robust option for registering/deregistering batches suitable for industrial use.

Modules of our automation solution

Module 1: Batch/product tracking

In the basic version, prover/2 records the flow of materials on the batch level. It differentiates these into:

  • Real batches (actual batch packages at defined positions) and
  • Virtual batches (abstract batches distributed over multiple concrete or virtual positions).

An expanded version allows the container sizes to be changed during treatment. Individual parts can even be tracked through the entire production system. In multi-zone systems, zone-specific setpoints can also be specified.

Module 2: Batch-specific process data recording

There are also two different principles in this module, which is closely linked with batch tracking:

Real batches in discontinuous systems

For each batch moving through a system, the process control system creates a measurement file which it assigns to the specific batch. If a batch moves through multiple systems in sequence, such a file is created for each individual system. This process can be repeated as needed.

Real and virtual batches in continuous systems

In this principle, all process variables are first recorded in a central pool. Batch tracking indicates when a specific batch passes through a specific part of the system. When a batch leaves the system, the process control system uses the available information to create a measurement file, which it assigns to this batch.

Module 3: Transport command generation for automated system loading/unloading

For fully automated in-process controlling, the software can use information on when production systems are ready for loading/unloading to generate transport commands for transportation units like loaders, shuttles, or manipulators. An option is also available for time-optimised usage of pre-heating furnace systems. Empty grid management can also be integrated to manage empty grids.


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