Process control systems for semiconductor manufacturing

The electronics industry is becoming more and more complex. The requirements for power density, efficiency, and reliability in semiconductors are increasing as well. Many different thermal processes are used in the semiconductor industry to oxidise and temper semiconductors or promote the diffusion of dopants. These must run reliably, precisely, and without interruption in order to achieve the desired product quality. Comprehensive in-process controlling in industrial furnaces is essential to do so, and is almost impossible without automation.

We offer companies in the semiconductor industry network-capable controllers that can be expanded with either I/O cards or external modules, and that are equipped with all interfaces necessary for seamless integration. our products fulfil all relevant standards such as ISO 9001 or IATF 16949.

Seamless in-process controlling thanks to automation and redundant systems

To facilitate continuous in-process controlling and avoid interruptions, production systems are often equipped with redundant controllers during automation. These monitor one another, then inform operations managers, maintenance, or even the plant fire brigade in case of a failure, depending on the security level. This approach usually avoids problems without resulting in subsequent damages.

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Batch tracking and traceability thanks to comprehensive process documentation

Semiconductors are sensitive components. Even the tiniest errors can cause them to not function properly, or to be completely unusable. Excessive temperatures in industrial furnaces, for example, can cause mechanical stress in the different layers, which in turn can cause breaks in the material. These can increase the electrical resistance or represent a diffusion path for water or metal ions into non-conductor layers.

Our software ensures precise process documentation that helps track and trace batches. Automation makes it possible to quickly identify potentially faulty parts, without interrupting the production process.

Applications for Demig solutions in semiconductor production

Our controllers ensure highly precise regulation of the stamping temperature and pressure in hot presses, making them an optimal solution for in-process controlling and automation of these industrial furnaces.

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