Our system solution for heat treatment in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

The chemical and pharmaceutical sector requires that producers comply with a wide range of standards and regulations. Quality assurance standards are also particularly high, and no quality fluctuations or contamination are permitted.

Our specialised combination of hardware and software solutions help to automate production and documentation processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

A process control system for reliable in-process controlling

Chemical and pharmaceutical products must be completely sterile and free from microorganisms, with batches that can be traced and tracked. The process control system facilitates in-process controlling. It regulates the systems used for heat treatment, so that exactly the right temperature settings needed to kill germs and microorganisms are reached. In addition, automated and digitised documentation ensure continuous batch tracking.

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From autoclaves to climatic chambers - control systems efficiently

Many different kinds of heat treatment systems are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Autoclaves and climatic chambers are two examples of such frequently used industrial furnaces. However, incubators, conditioning cabinets, environmental simulation equipment and sterilisation systems are also essential in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Thanks to symbolic programming, the process control system provides precise and seamless process control for users in industrial production of chemical products and pharmaceuticals.

Automate processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries with Demig

With over 40 years of experience and comprehensive expertise in process engineering, Demig has established its place as a provider of hardware and software solutions for process automation in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Both manufacturers and users of industrial systems benefit from the high degree of automation, as well as reliable in-process controlling of the automation solution.

If you are interested in our process control system as a solution for automating your production and documentation processes, please contact the Demig team in writing or by phone. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

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