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We want to offer our customers in automation and process control systems optimal support. Because of this, we offer not only forward-thinking solutions, but also first-class service.

Comprehensive service that goes beyond the standard

Whether you want to automate thermal processes and need advising, want to improve your environment with heat treatment technology, need to order maintenance, or want to avoid downtimes in case of a malfunction: We are happy to assist you.

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Overview of Demig services


To achieve the desired level of product quality, thermal processes in production systems need to run reliably, precisely, and without interruption. It would not be possible to deliver the in-process controlling needed to ensure this quality without automation.

During a consultation on conducting an update or energy optimisation of your system, we will explain how you can optimise your production processes and get them ready for the future. Together, we will automate your thermal processes and increase both the efficiency and safety of your production.


You can only benefit fully from automating your production processes if you use all available opportunities. Comprehensive expertise is essential to identify those opportunities. In our training sessions, we will provide you and your employees with expert knowledge on your Demig products.

Our training packages do not follow a general pattern, but are always customised to your individual needs. This allows us to ensure that you gain all the knowledge you need for your work, without wasting valuable time on irrelevant information.


Industrial products are often used in rough operating conditions. Regular, professional maintenance ensures that the hardware used in operation and the installed software can work error-free over the long term. Our service team provides you with reliable support for preventative maintenance.

If something does break, our repair department can help correct the issue quickly. Send us the affected component of your process control system, and our professional employees will get it back in working order quickly. If needed, we also provide loan equipment to minimise downtimes.

Loan equipment

If Demig products malfunction or need maintenance, we promptly provide you with loan equipment, so you can bridge wait times and minimise shutdowns. Thanks to our process control system and the option of uploading your system configuration directly to the loan device, as well as reliable configuration software, you can adjust the process controller to your needs or replace your device quickly. Our service technicians will be happy to assist you with an exchange or configuration.

Support of software and controller, repair of controller, winconfig

Training package for perfect competence of thermal processes

Integrated optimization or modernization of heat treatment process



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